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The personal information you have provided is handled in the following way by NOMURA Group (“NOMURA”).

  1. 1. Purpose of using personal information Your personal information is only used to respond to the inquiry you have made.
  2. 2. Third-party provision and outsourcing of personal information NOMURA does not provide your personal information to third parties without your prior consent. Some tasks associated with management of personal information are outsourced to outside business partners with which we have concluded confidentiality agreements.
  3. 3. Voluntary nature of providing personal information You may always choose what personal information, if any, you wish to provide us. If some personal information is missing, however, NOMURA may not be able to properly respond to your inquiry.
  4. 4. Right to request disclosure, etc., request consultations, and lodge complaints regarding personal information Regarding the personal information you have provided to NOMURA, you have the right to request its disclosure, correction, deletion, cessation of use, and cessation of provision to third parties, and to lodge complaints and request consultations about the handling of your personal information. Please contact the following department if you wish to exercise these rights.
  5. 5. How to make inquiries related to personal information (1) Inquiries related to personal information are handled under the responsibility of the following person. Go to “Inquiries about Personal Information” on this website and use the form to make an inquiry to the Personal Information Protection and Management Office, NOMURA Co., Ltd. (2) Personal Information Protection Manager NOMURA appoints a Personal Information Protection Manager to protect and manage personal information
    Personal Information Protection Manager
    Akihiko Yamazaki Senior Officer General Manager of General Affairs Management Department, Corporate Headquarters
    Tel (in Japan): 03-5962-1171 (Personal Information Protection and Management Office)

    Review your information after agreeing to the above.